Vocational Services

At IKRON Greater Seattle, we offer a continuum of vocational services meant to assist a person’s recovery and independence. Our caring and professional employees use a person-centered approach to services, taking into consideration the individuals’ preferences and interests when planning for services. Contact us HERE to schedule a Meet and Greet  session with our staff.

Vocational Evaluations

Comprehensive and Brief Vocational Evaluations utilize a variety of work-interests, cognitive, and academic standardized testing instruments to identify realistic career options and work abilities. Labor market analysis, educational, and training requirements are included in the career profiles that result from the vocational evaluation process.

Community Based Assessments and Trial Work Experiences

IKRON provides comprehensive, individualized services and uses a team-oriented approach to assist individuals in succeeding in their goals to the greatest extent possible. Qualified staff facilitate Trial Work Experiences and Community Based Assessments to consumers interested in returning to work.

Trial Work Experience
This is a prevocational service available to individuals participating in Vocational Rehabilitation services and who are interested in going back to work. These services offer the customer the possibility of experiencing a real work setting for a short period of time, to identify strengths, abilities and barriers to employment and to determine one's readiness for the competitive work field.

Community Based Assessment
This is an assessment of the individual's unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities and is intended to determine if a person is capable of performing the essential functions of a specific job. The assessment takes place in an integrated setting in the community. Staff participate in the assessments and are available to provide guidance, feedback and to evaluate the consumer's interaction with peers, work behaviors, work tolerance, skills, and abilities. A written report is provided at the completion of the assessment and it includes a summary of the assessment results including skills learned and goals achieved, brief job task analysis, discussion of Consumer strengths and potential barriers, suggested accommodations and training methods, and provide recommendations for further case development. Community work sites are developed based on Consumers work interests, and may involve paid work in a competitive work environment.

Job Development and Placement

Job Seeking Skills Training
This service is offered to job seekers and it involves preparing them to apply, interview, and secure a job. Services are individualized based on the overall person's job search knowledge. The team of Career Specialists teaches interviewing skills, assists in developing strategies to discuss potentially challenging issues such as legal history, need for accommodations, conducts mock interviews, and provides recommendations on dress, grooming, and inter-personal skills.

Job Development
Job Development services assist individuals in obtaining employment. Job search focuses on each individual’s needs. Qualified staff work collaboratively with the individuals looking for a job to identify needs, expectations, interests, abilities, and other social, environmental, and psychological factors that may impact the person’s vocational outcomes. Duration of services is determined based on individuals’ needs and abilities. Comprehensive reports regarding progress toward goal are provided monthly.

Post-Placement Services

Intensive Training
These services are offered to participants in the Supported Employment program and consist of intensive, hands-on training services tailored to the individual's specific job. This one-a-one job skills training has the goal of assisting the person adjust to the new work environment and achieve expected level of performance in a community setting.

Job Retention
These services are focused on each consumer’s individual needs. Some of the job retention services involve follow-up visits to the job site or meeting with the consumer off-site to address work related issues and to ensure work satisfaction and job maintenance.